Zero-emission laundry: Building the world’s first completely sustainable industrial laundry


We are in the process of building the world’s most advanced ecological and sustainable industrial laundry, nestled in the heart of Cornwall. This groundbreaking project will result in the first laundry ever to fully achieve zero emissions – not just emitting zero carbon, but zero greenhouse gases in any form.


The environmental impact and challenges of the laundry sector

The UK laundry sector industry consumes vast amounts of water, energy, and chemicals. Our internal research estimates that the sector uses around 1.7 trillion litres of water and processes around 2.75 billion items per year, resulting in millions of litres of waste water each year – much of which contain  chemicals and pollutants harmful to nature.

Commercial laundries require substantial amounts of energy for heating water, drying, and operating machinery, often sourced from non-renewable sources, leading to greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the climate change. The industrial demand can also strain local resources and cause depletion in water-scarce regions.

1.7 trillion litres

The amount of water used by the UK laundry industry every year

8 million tons

How much carbon dioxide the UK laundry sector produces yearly

2.75 billion items

Number of textiles the UK laundry industry processes each year

Harsh laundry chemicals result in chemical pollution, contaminating wastewater and harming aquatic life and ecosystems if not treated properly. The laundering process puts wear and tear on materials and shortens their lifespan – leading to increased textile waste and adding to the environmental impact of textile production.

A unique and revolutionary laundry system powered by steam and green hydrogen

Together with our team of international partners, we are building a one-of-a-kind laundry powered by green hydrogen produced on-site from renewable sources.

Running on a system employing our groundbreaking zero-emission technology, our laundry will revolutionise the way textiles are cleaned and processed. Emitting no greenhouse gases of any kind, the laundry will operate more efficiently – using significantly less energy, water and chemicals compared to standard industrial laundry systems.

Industrial laundry is one of the most energy- intensive sectors in the world. Our sustainable laundry initiative delivers the first laundry to ever to achieve zero emissions – not only emitting no carbon, but zero greenhouse gases of any form.

Peter Hillman, Founder & Managing Director

The laundry utilises advanced stain intervention technology and a low temperature disinfection refresh wash – minimising the amount of water, energy, and chemicals that are consumed during the laundry process and extending the life of the textiles.

Running on green hydrogen, the only hydrogen byproducts produced are steam and water, which will be recycled and reused throughout the laundry process. All waste water will be harvested, purified, and fed back into operational systems. All other waste, including microplastics, will be treated on-site. Surplus steam and energy will be delivered through green transportation methods to local schools, leisure facilities, and housing, providing communal organisations with hot air and water.

Serving healthcare, hospitality, and food processing

Our research estimates that an excess of 9 million pieces of textiles are processed each week by the laundry industry in the South West alone, of which almost 3 million are processed in Cornwall. Our industry does not only process textiles used in hospitality, such as bedlinen and towels – but textiles used in the healthcare sector and manufacturing, including bedlinen and workwear from hospitals, care homes, and factories. We will increase capacity to process over 500,000 pieces each week, offering services to public and private healthcare organisations, as well as hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry. Additional laundries will meet the demand of the industry and lower the amount of greenhouse gases that the sector produces on a national level.

Live demonstration site in Tolvaddon, central Cornwall

Our fully commercial operational laundry will be used as a live demonstration site, showcasing our zero-emission technology. All our technology is scalable and can be implemented in laundries of any size, from small commercial to full industrial laundry systems. Our demonstration laundry will be zero-emission by the third quarter of 2024, and our zero-emission technology will be commercially available by the second quarter of 2025.

Exploring other research areas to improve sustainability of laundry

Our project has received interest from both global and national companies and academics, and initiated of a number of new research projects aiming to make the laundry industry more sustainable.

Challenging chemical formulas and reducing chemical use

We are working with Plymouth University and a national chemical manufacturer to research and challenge existing chemical formulas currently used in the laundry industry. Our goal is to develop and produce a range of laundry, cleaning and care products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst remaining effective.

Researching to end textile waste

We have teamed up with a national university and a global linen manufacturer to trial and newly developed, highly sustainable, range of linen textiles. We will be investigating the effects of various chemical and mechanical interventions during a long period of time to determine the viability of the textiles – with the end-goal to bring more sustainable linen into hospitality industry and the public sector.

Innovation through collaboration and partnerships

This project has become possible through collaboration with our partners, a group of individuals and businesses all experts in various areas of green technology and with a shared passion to bring in a cleaner future. They include a world-leading manufacturer of laundry equipment, research centres, universities, inventors, and software specialists.

Our zero-emission laundry project goes beyond the world’s urgent need to go green and reduce carbon emissions. Through collaboration, innovation, and zero-emission technology, we are determined to reform one of the most emission-, energy- and waste-intensive industries globally.

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