Zero-emission energy: Introducing a revolutionary, sustainable energy solution for businesses across industries


We are launching our world first, zero-emission, green hydrogen and steam-powered energy solution that can be applied to multiple technological systems – making it possible and affordable for businesses of all sizes to transition to green energy and contribute towards a sustainable future.


What is stopping businesses transitioning to green energy?

While we know that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, most industries are still relying on fossil fuels as a main energy source. According to the Environmental Audit Committee, almost 80 percent of the UK’s energy is still powered by fossil fuels.

Upfront investment and initial costs can prevent companies from transitioning to green energy, especially for small and medium enterprises. In addition, underdeveloped infrastructures further increase the costs of adopting green industrial processes.

“The Next Decade is Crucial”, advise the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Unless we can make a drastic shift away from fossil fuels in the next ten years, we will not prevent the planet from over-heating beyond dangerous levels. Incremental changes are no longer enough. We need a radical re-invention on our industrial systems and energy consumption, in order to prevent the climate from crossing this critical threshold. Industries need to work harder and faster and pursue all efforts to transition to green energy and hold global warming in check.

The solution: Steam-generated, zero-emission power

Together with our partners across the globe, UCZ are spearheading the development of a radical hydrogen and steam-generated energy solution that not only drastically eliminates carbon, but all greenhouse gases in any form. The system uses electricity from green renewable energy sources to power our high pressure steam technology – producing green hydrogen and pure oxygen for immediate use, storage, or transportation.

What makes our solution unique?

  • Can be tailored to multiple systems

    Our solution works simply by replacing the primary heat source – such as gas, LPG, or oil – in an existing power solution, making it possible to implement it in the majority of technological systems across a wide range of industries. Updating only a fraction of machinery in order to integrate our green energy solution vastly reduces conversion costs and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum, enabling affordable and efficient transition.

  • Reduces energy use by providing efficient and reliable power

    Renewable energy is embedded as a mainstream solution, but energy production can vary depending on weather conditions or time of day. This remains a challenge for industry. Converting our renewable energy to hydrogen offers consistency in our energy supply. The green hydrogen can be low-cost stored for use later, or used on demand, providing a robust and responsive source of energy.

  • Provides energy that is cheap and easy to store and transport

    Hydrogen is lightweight and versatile. It can be stored as a gas or a liquid, making it more practical for transportation in comparison to, for example, electricity. Unlike batteries, which are temperature sensitive and lose their capacity over time, hydrogen is stable and can be stored for long periods of time without significant losses.

  • Eliminates all greenhouse gases – not just carbon dioxide

    While the focus of many businesses today is to reduce carbon, our system eliminates all greenhouse gases – whether it is carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or sulphur oxide. In addition, when it is used to power vehicles, the only byproduct from this reaction is water vapour.

  • Produces zero waste – all byproducts are utilised

    When electricity is converted to hydrogen, the only byproduct is distilled, purified water – a valuable resource utilised across a wide range of industrial sectors – including medicine manufacture, scientific research, and care products.

  • Can be implemented in multiple industrial sectors

    Our zero-emission technology can be incorporated across multiple industrial sectors and is particularly suitable for chemical manufacturing, food processing, paper manufacturing, and breweries. Wider application is being explored with teams working on integrating our green power supply to power large buildings, such as schools, hotels, and other public facilities. Hydrogen, that is lightweight and can be stored and transported easily, can benefit rural areas by providing green energy supplies to homes and businesses that have limited access to mainstream energy networks.

Industries that hydrogen solutions and systems can be applied to:


Medical care


Industrial laundry

Food production







Power generation

Heating and cooling

Collaboration with Cornish businesses across industries

We have partnered with hotels, national food producers, public schools, moulding companies and breweries in Cornwall to carry out full feasibility studies, followed by demonstrations. This will allow us to test our technology and determine how well it works in practice, as well as showcase the practicality and effectiveness of our system, and drive global adoption.

Our world-first zero-emission hydrogen and steam-generated energy solution offers a groundbreaking approach to addressing the urgent need for sustainable energy. With its versatility, efficiency, and environmental benefits, this technology can provide a cost-effective solution that will help business transition to green energy and contribute towards a sustainable future.

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