Our Partners.

We believe that collaboration lies at the heart of innovation. By bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds, we can drive sustainable advancements contributing to a net-zero future. These are the companies we collaborate with.

Strategic partners.

Planet A: Committed environmentalists, engineers and consultants in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability

Planet A specialise in engineering, architecture, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Their team, comprised of committed environmentalists and green tech advocates, offers a variety of services aimed at facilitating zero-carbon solutions in heat, power, and transport. They have previously supported us in feasibility studies and are now partnering with us to model, develop, and evaluate our zero-emission solutions.

Enapter: Setting the gold standard in hydrogen production technology

Leading with its groundbreaking Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis technology, Enapter stands as a beacon in the realm of sustainable green hydrogen. Their innovation ensures efficient and cost-effective electrolyser production, which can be seamlessly scaled up. With a focus on R&D, evidenced by a plethora of patents, Enapter’s vision is clear: revolutionise the industry through mass production, with the ultimate aim to making electrolyser production more affordable and accessible for all.

Innovation Management: Turning innovation opportunities into business value

Specialising in grant applications and unlocking investment opportunities, Innovation Management provide unparalleled expertise in transforming cutting-edge ideas into tangible business value. With a deep focus on innovation assessment and impact measurement, they offer a comprehensive approach to evaluating the potential and effectiveness of innovative strategies. Their collaborative efforts are instrumental in not only identifying but also capitalizing on innovation opportunities, thus propelling our mutual goals towards new heights of success and market impact.

Fisher Smith: Leading the way in machine vision

Established in 2004, Fisher Smith specialise in industrial machine vision integration. They have successfully implemented machine vision systems globally, including the UK, USA, Singapore, China, and Malaysia, offering solutions in aerospace, transport, healthcare, and biochemical sectors. In 2019 they deployed their first deep-learning solution, highlighting their commitment to staying at the forefront of machine vision technology. At UCZ, Fisher Smith is collaborating with us to develop the E.I.R.S. system, using their expertise in machine learning, AI and software to bring the system to life.

Kannegiesser: World-leading manufacturers in laundry equipment

Kannegiesser, established nearly sixty years ago, has significantly progressed from its beginnings with a basic wooden washing machine to becoming the main player in industrial laundry technology. Aside from a supplier, they are our collaborative partner in improving laundry processes, from washing to sorting. Kannegiesser’s commitment to teamwork and innovation positions them at the forefront in the industrial laundry sector, contributing to the development of sustainable, zero-emission laundry technologies for the global market.

Research partners.

University of Manchester Linnen Connect Henry Royce Institute Plymouth University

Other companies and organisations we collaborate with.

Crofty Multi Academy Trust

Innovation happens through expertise, passion, and collaboration.

Whether you are a business, organisation, or an individual looking to make a positive impact on our planet: We want to hear from you.

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