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Find out how it all began and what initiated the journey to zero-emission.

How it all began.

The journey started in 2018, when Peter, founder, decided to open a laundry in his hometown in Cornwall. Discovering how antiquated and resource-consuming the existing laundry processing techniques were – and the vast amount of chemical waste that they used and released – he became determined to create a new laundry system that would eliminate greenhouse gases, minimise chemical use, and mitigate the negative impact the sector had on the planet.

Years of research led to the ultimate zero-emission solution that utilised the combustion of oxygen and hydrogen. After being introduced to a company specialising in steam-generating technology, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place – and together they had a zero-emission, one-of-a-kind energy solution that would revolutionise the laundry industry.

After recognising the broader applicability of this technology and engaging with businesses across multiple sectors, it was clear that there was an incredible appetite for decarbonisation. Peter was struck by people’s interest in the project and by the support offered by the government, public bodies, and commercial businesses alike.

Today, we have formed a network of likeminded organisations and businesses that are committed to putting this groundbreaking technology into practice, and united towards one common goal: to reform energy and emission-intensive industries through innovative technology and create a more sustainable future for all.

Peter Hillman, Founder & Managing Director

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