Our mission.


Climate change is the biggest challenge ever faced by humanity, causing severe and irreversible impacts that are already disrupting our planet and lives. We are taking action. Discover our commitments and the mission guiding us on our journey.

Our commitments.


Partnering with global industry designing and delivering innovative green technology solutions to achieve net-zero and beyond.

We aim to radically transform emission- and energy-intensive industries and help businesses move away from fossil fuels. Not only providing solutions that produce zero emissions, but that makes more efficient and effective use of our resources.


Positioning Cornwall at the centre of the UK’s net-zero ambitions, creating high-skilled job opportunities and education.

With rich renewable energy sources including wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal power; a strong history of innovation and an environmentally aware community; breathtaking nature that attracts millions of visitors every year; Cornwall makes the ideal setting for collaborating towards a greener future.


Collaborating with industry and academics to challenge the boundaries shaping the future of green technology.

We believe that innovation is accelerated through collaboration – by bringing together expertise and perspectives from different backgrounds and disciplines. That is why building partnerships with organisations, businesses and individuals alike – who share our goals and passion – is at our core at ZeroTec.

Our Mission

To deliver green technology to global industry through innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices.

Our Vision:

A net-zero future where all energy-intensive industries run on zero-emission technology.

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We collaborate for a greener planet.

Our partners

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